Several matters needing attention in the use of vacuum pump
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 1. Does the vibration generated by the vacuum pump affect the process and the environment? If the process does not support it, a vibration-free pump should be selected or a series of anti-vibration measures should be taken.

2.  When choosing a vacuum pump, you need to know the gas composition, and you need to choose the corresponding pump for the gas to be pumped. If the gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gas, you need to consider installing auxiliary equipment on the pump's inlet.

3. Under its working pressure, the vacuum pump can exhaust all the gas generated during the process of the vacuum equipment.

4. Sometimes the choice of one type of pump cannot meet the pumping requirements because the vacuum pump has selective pumping, several pump combinations are required to complement each other to meet the pumping requirements.

5. Requirements of vacuum equipment on oil pollution. If the equipment clearly requires oil-free, various oil-free pumps should be used, such as water ring pumps, molecular sieve adsorption pumps, sputter ion pumps, cryogenic pumps, etc. If the requirements are not strict, an oil pump can be selected, plus some oil pollution prevention Measures.

6. How does the oil vapor discharged from the vacuum pump affect the environment? If the environment does not allow pollution, you can choose an oil-free vacuum pump, or exhaust the oil vapor outdoors.