How to install roots vacuum pump
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 How to install roots vacuum pump?

1. Roots vacuum pump should be installed in a dry, well-ventilated and clean place.

2. The ambient temperature of the roots vacuum pump is 5-40℃.

3. Roots vacuum pumps should be installed horizontally, and there should be sufficient room around to facilitate daily inspection and maintenance. 

4. After the power is turned on, the rotation direction of the motor should be in accordance with the direction arrow on the pump.

5. The pipeline connecting the pumped container should be clean. There should be no foreign matter such as impurities. The hole diameter should not be smaller than the caliber of the pump. The length should be short to ensure sufficient conductivity. The pipeline connection should be sealed and leak-proof.

6. The pumped gas should have no particulate solids entering the pump.

7. Roots vacuum pump and the backing pump should be connected with an elastic tube to reduce the vibration.

8. The electrical equipment must have an interlock protection device, and the Roots pump must stop at the same time when the current stage pump stops working.