Which parameters of vacuum pump oil directly affect the degree of vacuum
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The quality of vacuum pump oil depends on the viscosity and vacuum degree, and the vacuum degree depends on the value at different temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more stable the performance of the vacuum is a good oil.

Recommended vacuum pump oil viscosity range;
1. Direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pump ( DRV; BSV series ): V68
2. Roots  vacuum pump ( BSJ series ): V46

The choice of oil viscosity is one of the important factors of vacuum pump performance. The viscosity of a liquid is the resistance of the liquid to flow, or the internal friction of the liquid. The greater the viscosity, the greater the resistance to the movement speed of various components, the higher the temperature rise, and the greater the power loss; if the viscosity is too small, the sealing performance of the pump will deteriorate, causing gas leakage and vacuum deterioration. Therefore, the choice of oil viscosity for various vacuum pumps is extremely important. The principle of oil viscosity selection is:
1. The higher the pump speed, the lower the viscosity of the selected oil
2. The greater the linear velocity of the pump rotor movement, the lower the viscosity of the selected oil
3.The more precise the processing precision of the pump parts or the smaller the gap between the friction parts, the lower the viscosity of the selected oil
4. When the vacuum pump is used in high temperature conditions, it is better to choose the viscosity of the oil
5. For vacuum pumps with cooling water circulation, oil with lower viscosity is generally appropriate
If the vacuum pump is not frequently replaced and manually maintained during long-term use, the vacuum pump oil will be emulsified or carbonized, which will cause a series of problems such as wear of the vacuum pump cylinder, blockage of the oil pipe, and blockage of the oil filter. If the oil mist separator is blocked, the gas drawn into the pump body will not be easily discharged. At this time, the internal pressure in the pump body is too high and the pumping speed decreases, resulting in a drop in vacuum. Therefore, the vacuum pump oil must be replaced in time.

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